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At Bauer Wildlife LLC we can help with virtually any type of nuisance wildlife or pest problem. We service from Milwaukee up to the Fox Valley and Central Wisconsin surrounding areas. Most commonly, we deal with squirrel, rodent, and raccoon removal in attics and outdoors. We also remove skunks, opossums, and groundhogs from under decks, sheds, or any outdoor structure. We exclude bats and seal the house up with ridge vents and also do sanitation. We handle rodent prevention and control inside buildings and homes. We remove dead animal carcasses both inside and outside the home. We also handle bird problems and rescues in residential and commercial settings. We remove snakes or other reptiles and amphibians as allowed by state and federal regulations. Our list of services is extensive; however not all-inclusive. If you have a wildlife or pest problem that does not quite fit into one of the above categories just ask. We take pride in providing solutions to unique and challenging problems!

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Our Services

We have the knowledge, equipment, and experience to perform safe and effective wildlife removal for all wild animals from small to large. Let’s discuss some of the more common nuisance wildlife here in Wisconsin, and some of warning signs that you might have new tenants.

scientific approach

Bauer Wildlife offers animal/wildlife trapping services that utilize humane trapping methods, Pest Control Services, inspect and analyze all related wildlife problems you’re experiencing, Integrated Pest Management (IPM), with a scientific approach, commercial business services, performing professional building exclusion, building repairs, and clean-up/sanitation services.

Why Our clients Choose Us

Wonderful (and super fast) service! He came out the very next day after we'd called about a bird infestation and started work immediately after he gave us a very reasonable quote. This is how businesses are supposed to work! We're very grateful and we highly recommend them!
Andrea R.
Chris was awesome! He was thorough and professional! He took care of our rodent problem and I never really thought that could be resolved in an old home like ours! He repaired roof and caulked cracks. He even replaced our door and sealed our windows. He took pictures of what he found so we were aware of everything along the way. Very reliable! Highly recommend Chris!
Lisa D.
I hired Bauer Wildlife to remove skunks from my backyard. He was able to remove skunks and opossums and I haven't had an issue since. He was prompt, helpful and courteous. I highly recommend Bauer Wildlife as he went above and beyond to problem-solve the issue and stop any future skunks from returning.
Wendy R.