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At Bauer Wildlife and Pest Solutions, we take pride in the fact that both Chris Bauer (owner) and Joshua Larson are fully licensed and insured through our business. We fully comply with all state and federal regulations. You can visit Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (WDATCP) for licensing information and other regulations. Unlike many companies that hire and train “Wildlife Control Technicians”, both Chris and Josh are Wildlife Biologists with B.S. degrees from the University of WI-Stevens Point and have 10 years of combined wildlife management education and experience.

Yes, at Bauer Wildlife LLC we utilize insecticides, and rodenticides to control populations outdoors while implementing the best Integrated pest management, IPM, methods. All companies will say they integrate these methods but have no idea what this actually means. Here at Bauer Wildlife LLC we actually understand and use these methods. Anyone can walk around a home and apply chemicals. It takes an expert to diagnose insects and rodent problems while determining the reasons why they are present and provide a solution.

What types of traps do you use? Most wildlife operators have dozens of different types of traps, each for different types of animals, architectures, and situations. First of all, only certain types of traps may be used depending on the species, there are also time constraints regarding the time of year. When trapping, the technician will use the most effective trap for the situation. If you have questions about which trapping method is most humane, please ask your biologist inspecting your home because every trapping situations is unique and different. Be aware that sometimes a lethal trap is a more realistic option than a live trap. Bauer Wildlife LLC will always utilize humane trapping techniques and methods. The safety of our residential and commercial clients as well our own will always be priority number one.

Yes, squirrels can be very destructive when they have taken up residency in your attic. They will chew on wires and could cause significant electrical damage not to mention the fire hazard from chewing off the coating on your wires. The squirrels need to be trapped, repairs and exclusion be completed then sanitation be done to remove all pheromones/scent trails from your attic so other squirrels don’t try to move in after current resident squirrels are removed.

It does sound like a Raccoon in your attic. NO, you should never leave a mother raccoon or any animal and her babies reside in your attic until she leaves on her own. Many times she won’t or if she does she will return later on. DO NOT WAIT to call a professional, it will cost you more money in the long run if you wait. They will not leave on their own and will cause considerable damage to your duct work, wiring, and even tear up your shingles and siding. Raccoons will urinate and defecate in areas called “latrine sites” and these sites can grow rapidly contaminating your insulation. If left unchecked more will be created in your attic and can be a breeding ground for various diseases and viruses which can be transmitted to humans like rabies or distemper to pets. Contact us immediately to take care of this problem.

There are many reasons why it’s better to just call an expert. There is a process that needs to be followed closely and if not followed will result in costly corrective procedures by a professional that could have been avoided. Animal removal often involves unfamiliar tools, setting traps and safety techniques that can be difficult for the inexperienced homeowner. Walking on roofs, climbing up ladders, and crawling in confined spaces can lead to slips, scrapes, falling through your ceiling costing you thousands more in repairs or other injuries.
Trying to take on wildlife and pest control on your own may also lead to being bitten, causing transmission of a disease from the animal to yourself like rabies! Animal droppings may be infected with many dangerous diseases and harmful bacteria. Cleaning up animal waste is best left to professionals to avoid exposure to a variety of health-related issues while ensuring it is done properly and effectively with the correct products.

Sacrificing personal health is not worth the risk, so leave it to the professionals. Call the experts at Bauer Wildlife to ensure your wild animal problem is handled properly.

You will always be assessed a fair and honest price based off of a number of varying factors/situations that affect pricing such as location of the animal, health of animal, time of year and varying structural conditions, etc. Due to these variables there are no standard trapping rates and this rate does not cover repairs/exclusion, sanitation or preventative services. A full home inspection would be required for that pricing and information and consumer costs are no different for wildlife and pest control than any other skilled trade. There are many operating costs associated with day to day operations such as, licensing, insurance, products, continuing education, and equipment to name a few. Also note wildlife removal and pest control is a highly specialized field, here at Bauer Wildlife we have received B.S. degrees in zoology, biology, and ecology from UW-Stevens Point, a highly accredited Natural Resources College here in Wisconsin which sets us apart from most other companies. This education enables us to have a better understanding of the animals and recognizing behaviors to watch out for on a day to day basis.

This depends first and foremost on the state laws regarding wildlife possession and transport for captured wildlife. We will always obey the law first and foremost.

Your wildlife biologist at Bauer Wildlife LLC will always be the best choice for the job and keep the customer informed about the right method and option when dealing with wildlife.

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