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Mice In Your Home!

Project: Control or Eliminate Rodents

Have you noticed lately some furry little friends late at night in your kitchen? How about just the evidence of their presence? By this I mean droppings or chewing of items around your home? Not to trying to scare or cause alarm. A large percentage of homes in Wisconsin from Mincoqua and Eagle River down to Kenosha and Madison all have rodent problems. That could be rats, mice, and even squirrels. Yes squirrels are rodents too, just rats with bushy tails. Many people don’t realize that beavers are as well but we aren’t talking about them right now. They have their own unique set of problems.

Usually, with mice or rats you will find droppings, or hear some scratching in your walls or ceiling. Sometimes mice and rats can be found in walls but usually in the attic or basement. The time of day has a lot to do with diagnosing which type of animal we may be dealing with. If you think you many have rodents in your home or attic you should not wait and act. We can go over with you how to get rid of the rats or mice asap!

What to Do?

We are the professionals at removing rats and mice from your attic, garage and basement. Don’t be fooled by other companies that will try to convince you that placing rodenticide in your home will take care of the problem. I assure you it won’t. It will be a Band-Aid and not a solution to your problem. To top it off, the mice or rats that consume the rodenticide will most likely die in your home. Then you have dead and decaying animals that may be in your walls or inaccessible areas and difficult or expensive to extract.

There is a process that needs to be followed to control the invasion of your home, your most valuable asset. Trapping needs to be done. All of the entry points need to be sealed so that they are unable to return and sanitation needs to be competed to eliminate all odors from past critters that have taken up residence in your home. This sanitation when applied to areas where mice and rats have traveled will eliminate bacteria and viruses which can be transmitted though urine and feces. Once everything is sealed up and trapping is done placing bait stations around the perimeter of your home. This is necessary to start reducing the population outdoors and your first line of defense against intruders.

Fall is that time of year where all critters, small and large are moving inside. Make the right choice and call Bauer Wildlife and Pest Solutions to solve all your problems.

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