Our Valued Customers.

At Bauer Wildlife we take pride in our work. Not only do we specialize in wildlife removal, we also offer expert pest control & other business services. Read the reviews below to for opinions from some of our satisfied customers.
I hired Bauer Wildlife to remove skunks from my backyard. He was able to remove skunks and opossums and I haven't had an issue since. He was prompt, helpful and courteous. I highly recommend Bauer Wildlife as he went above and beyond to problem-solve the issue and stop any future skunks from returning.
Wendy R.
Chris was very knowledgeable and thorough when it came to removing the raccoon in my attic. He went above and beyond my expectations when he took the time to go around my house and point out trouble areas and how to fix them to avoid this in the future.
Joe B.
Wonderful (and super fast) service! He came out the very next day after we'd called about a bird infestation and started work immediately after he gave us a very reasonable quote. This is how businesses are supposed to work! We're very grateful and we highly recommend them!
Andrea R.
Chris was awesome! He was thorough and professional! He took care of our rodent problem and I never really thought that could be resolved in an old home like ours! He repaired roof and caulked cracks. He even replaced our door and sealed our windows. He took pictures of what he found so we were aware of everything along the way. Very reliable! Highly recommend Chris!
Lisa D.
During the winter months, I started having a mouse problem in my home. After setting several unsuccessful mouse traps and poison, my Do-It-Yourself tricks just weren't working. Then one day I had a strange smell in the basement. I figured it was a dead mouse, but could not locate where it was. Frustrated, I started looking online for local pest removal services. I found Bauer Wildlife online and gave them a call. They were quick to respond, thankfully, because the dead mouse smell was really unpleasant in my home. Bauer Wildlife was able to locate the dead mouse, remove it, and also did a full home inspection to help prevent the issue from happening again. Although mice are cute and all- my family and I appreciate not having little critter pests in our home- and we would recommend Bauer Wildlife to anyone else with similar problems.
Micah L.
Great customer service and much more knowledgeable than the competitors! Was able to get the squirrels to stay out when others couldn't! Definately recommend to anyone needing animal removal!!!
Mary H.