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Dead Animal Removal Services

Dead animal locating, removal, cleanup, and sanitation service throughout Wisconsin

No one wants to deal with the smell of an animal that perished in or around your home! Often, only the smell is present and the location of the carcass is unknown. The smell originates from the decomposition of the carcass being broken down by bacteria. Bacteria release these gasses and the offensive odor invades your home making life uncomfortable. No one wants to come home after a long day at work only to smell that noxious repugnant odor which can persist for weeks depending on temperature and size of animal.


The odor of a decaying animal usually is the first and most apparent concern when dealing with dead animals. Homeowners and property owners need to be aware of diseases carcasses (carrion) can spread to humans and pets. Since we all are concerned about the safety and wellbeing of our friends, family and four-legged family members you should consider the consequences of removing the dead animal on your own. Hiring a professional for the dead animal removal should be carefully considered since the animal could have a variety of parasites, worms or the rabies virus. Mammals are not the only ones that are capable of transmitting diseases, birds can too. Furthermore, during the decomposition process the dead animal smell and odors will attract other pests to your home. Flies will come and lay eggs on the carcass, the eggs incubate and hatch and result in more flies in your home. These flies after crawling over the decaying body may find their way into your home, land on silverware or food and transmit bacteria from the dead animals they were crawling over directly to you.


Once the animal has been located it needs to be removed. Wearing the proper personal protections equipment (PPE) is necessary in certain circumstances depending where the dead animal has perished. In some confined areas respirators are need and necessary. Once an animal dies, all of the previous parasites that had been living on the animal need to find another host and abandon the animal. This could be you if you don’t take the necessary precautions to prevent this from happening. These parasites could be lice, mites, fleas and ticks just naming a few.


Once the dead animal removal has been completed, the immediate and surrounding area is cleaned and sanitized for bacteria and viruses. This will immediately reduce the dead animal odor problem and you will notice an immediate difference. Unfortunately not always is the source of the odor able to be removed due to the amount of damage that would occur to reach the dead animal. All scenarios will always be discussed before moving forward with the property owner. If for some reason we can’t or decide not to go after the animal we have aerosols, foggers, and sprays that contain enzymes that consume biological material more quickly while reducing the noxious gasses. Additionally, once the sanitation is completed the area should be treated for those insects/parasites that are now on the hunt for a new host.

Southeast Wisconsin Areas Served:

We service all of Southeastern Wisconsin such as; Milwaukee, Cedarburg, Grafton, Port Washington, Thiensville, Mequon, Shorewood, Whitefish Bay, Brookfield, Pewaukee, Oconomowoc, Delafield, Hartland,  Menomonee Falls, Germantown, Sussex, Slinger, and West Bend.

Central Wisconsin Areas Served:

We service the Fox Valley / Fox Cities, Green Bay, Ashwaubenon, Algoma, Two Rivers, Neenah, Menasha, Plymouth, Oshkosh, Door County, Wisconsin Dells, Chain O’ Lakes, King, Waupaca, and Stevens Point areas with pest control and live animal trapping.

Northern Wisconsin Areas Served:

We serve many of our Northern Wisconsin residents. Including but not limited to; Wausau, Merrill, Minocqua, Rhinelander, Eagle River, Three Lakes, Crandon, and Antigo for all your pest control and professional trapping needs.