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Welcome to Bauer Wildlife

Professional Wildlife Removal and Pest Control Company
Bauer Wildlife & Pest Control Solutions LLC offers a full array of wildlife removal and animal control services. Our experienced and trained wildlife biologists' use strictly humane animal trapping and pest control methods.
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Our Strategic Approach

  • Thoroughly inspect your home for signs of pests and their entry points.
  • Determine what type(s) of pests have infested your home or business.
  • Provide a detailed plan and price quote for solving your pest problem.
  • Explain all the details and answer any questions you may have.
  • Rid your home of the invader using humane live trapping methods.
  • Repair any damage caused by the invader & take measures for exclusion.
  • Seal all invader entry points and make repairs where damage has occured.
  • Install quality exclusion material so the pests can not return.
  • Remove droppings and replace contaminated insulation, if necessary.
  • Sanitation of attic and all affected areas of pest habitat and infestation.
Humane Animal & Pest Control

Whether your pest problem exists inside or outside of your home, our experienced Wildlife Biologists provide effective animal removal & pest control solutions. Our goal is to utilize humane or live animal trapping methods whenever possible. A humane trap, otherwise known as a Live Animal Trap, is designed to contain an animal without causing injuring or killing of the animal. It is basically a wire cage, with the door held open with a catch. Nourishment appropriate to the animal species is placed beyond a trip plate to entice the animal inside. Once the animal ventures inside and trips the plate, it releases the catch, which safely encloses the animal inside of the live trap. Our wildlife experts then relocated this critter far from your home, in a natural habitat where it can flourish in the wild.

Integrated Pest Management IPM

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an impactive and eco-friendly way to deal with animal and pest control. Utilizing a combination of humane practices mixed with a scientific approach, our experts at Bauer Wildlife will use IPM tactics to execute the best strategy to solvie your pest infestation. IPM tactics use the most accurate data on the life cycles of vermin and their connection with the environment. Our goal is to solve the pest issue with the smallest impact on the ecosystem. IPM uses all possible alternatives for pest control evacuation before administering insecticides. In other words, our wildlife experts only use chemicals as a last resort or refrain from it's use entirely.

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