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Spring Bird Problems

Spring has finally sprung and you many have noticed some new noises coming from areas of your home like the attic or exhaust vent that wasn’t there before. You may have even seen bird coming and going from an eave, exhaust vent, gable vent or soffit. This could be new or something that’s been going on for years. These are common areas where you’ll find birds nesting. Usually, these birds are starlings earlier in spring and then transitions to sparrows using those same nesting sites. Thankfully, these birds are not protected under the Migratory Bird Act and can be dealt with at any stage of their nesting stage. Pigeons are another common offender; however they usually choose nesting sites on the outside of the home and cause quite a mess. If it is a bird protected under the Migratory Bird Act there are solutions depending on their nesting stage.


Birds nesting in attic/vents


You may hear these birds before you see them. If however, they elude your detection during the nesting process and one day you hear what sounds like multiple loud chirping noises, the eggs have hatched and you’re the proud host to another family in your home. We can fix this; make sure that you call me at Bauer Wildlife so that we can remove the birds as quickly as possible. If you leave them in these areas the nests can grow quite large and can go from the confined area (exhaust vent tubing) to breaking through the tubing and being loose in the rafters between floors in your home or attic. This is a problem for a couple of reasons.


Bird Diseases/Parasites


First and most importantly, drywall will have to be removed to access the baby birds which can and will create a mess. Second, birds are dirty, very dirty and carry a host of parasites that could migrate into your home and can take time to eradicate. Lastly, there are many diseases that can be directly transmitted to humans through their dropping such as, histoplasmosis, salmonellosis, influenza, and avian tuberculosis to name a few (DNR).


Birds also carry a host of parasitic mites, ticks, fleas and other insects. While the birds are still occupying the nest it may not be an issue for you and your family. If you leave the birds to nest they eventually will leave, and you may think the problem is over, it’s not.  Those parasitic insects now have lost their food source and still occupy the nest, they will be on the hunt for a new host, YOU! It’s very important to remove as much of the nesting material as possible and treat the area. They are dirty and can cause serious problems for you and your family.


Bird Repairs/Exclusion


In the event that the birds have gained access, Bauer Wildlife can remove the birds, and nesting material. We then can treat the area previously occupied area with a sanitizing agent for bacteria/ viruses as well as insects (hitchhikers) to make it safe again for you and your family.


In most cases we can fix the damaged area where the birds had gained access. It is dependent on where problem has occurred and what it will take to repair the damage. In most cases it’s a matter of replacing the exhaust vent and installing a durable screen. Every case is different and unique and there is almost always a solution. Don’t wait and think the problem will go away. It is a serious issue and needs to be dealt with immediately so don’t hesitate to call your wildlife biologist at Bauer Wildlife.


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